Editing Services


  • Books, articles and essays
  • Magazines, newspapers and newsletters
  • Websites, e-mails and PowerPoint presentations
  • Dissertations and theses

    Proofreading.  Even small errors are embarrassing and can damage credibility. The proofread is your “final pair of eyes,” conducted to catch errors, including formatting errors, that may somehow have slipped by the writer and previous editors. The proofread can be done electronically or on paper copy.

    Copy Editing.  The copy edit ensures correct spelling, grammar and syntax, as well as proper use of punctuation. This edit attends to consistency of textual elements: verb tenses, parallel constructions, and so on—but also even to general readability and style. Finally, the copy edit also often involves some basic fact checking.

    Substantive Editing. The substantive edit addresses the content and organization of your document, ensuring a logical progression and consistency in your points or arguments. Your document is revised and text shifted around where necessary to ensure that your copy reads well and has an intelligent “flow.” This edit also ensures that illustrations, tables and diagrams are appropriate and positioned properly.

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